A beautiful location on the shores of Loch Lomond, up to 150 young people participating, a magical atmosphere, a safe place to have a lot of fun...

29th July - 11th August 2018


For more than 40 years young people have been coming to SEP UK and enjoying challenges in new activities, experiencing a spectacular natural environment, making new friends but most of all having a huge amount of fun.

SEP UK is a youth outreach programme funded by Grace Communion International. It is an activity camp with an explicitly Christian ethos. It is our goal to make the entire programme - which includes: activities, dorm life, social activities, site and service functions, as well as the day to day functioning of a temporary community - reflective of the Christian principles of love and service.

Not everyone at SEP is necessarily a committed Christian and we respect all the individuals wherever they are on their spiritual journey. SEP is not a place where you will be judged. It is a place where lasting friendships can be found and is an opportunity to grow.

Safety and the well-being of participants is our top priority:

  • All SEP UK staff have enhanced level current DBS check; staff from outside the UK have police checks from their home country. Please click here to see our child protection card given to all staff members. Our full child protection policy is currently being updated and will be posted here soon.
  • Sports teaching staff have qualifications from national governing bodies
  • We have an on site first aid team of paramedic and nurses
  • All participants are temporarily registered with local GP practice
  • High staff : camper ratios
  • 2 full time group leaders for groups of up to 15
  • Average ratios of 1:4 on activities/sports

We hope this website provides you with answers to most of your questions - if not please do Contact Us.

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