Midges and mud, wind and rain, even the occasional heatwave - the show must go on! Below you can read a potted history featuring some high and low-lights of SEP UK over the years, from our very first camp in Yorkshire in 1968 all the way to the present day. Do you have a happy memory of your time at SEP? Please tweet it to @SEPcamp

29th July - 11th August 2018

1968 Violet Hill Farm, Yorkshire
  • Youth camp out with 14 campers and 7 staff
  • Cooking on open fires, washing in the river
1969 Violet Hill Farm, Yorkshire
  • Paul Suckling appointed Camp Director
  • 35 campers
1970 Violet Hill Farm, Yorkshire
  • 54 campers
1971 Lake Bassenthwaite
  • First ‘official’ SEP
  • Sailing, canoeing, climbing Skiddaw
  • Kitchen set up in green army tent
  • Open toilet for men, buckets for women
1972 Lake Bassenthwaite
  • Water-skiing on Lake Windermere; Leatherwork;
  • Climbing Helvelyn
1973 Loch Lomond
  • First year in Scotland; 225 campers and 60 staff
  • No shower facilities – bathing and teeth brushing in the Loch
  • Gale force winds
  • Overnight trip to Ben Nevis
  • Sheep occasionally found in dorms
1974 Loch Lomond
  • Ben Lomond climbed
  • Flushing toilets for the first time
1975 Loch Lomond
  • Go-karting
  • A lion display visits camp
  • Day trips to climb Ben Nevis
  • Senior dorms G8/B8 overnight canoe trip to north end of Loch
1976 Loch Lomond
  • Heat wave
  • Cycling and Foil fencing activities introduced
1977 Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire
  • Gymnastics activity introduced
1978 Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire
  • Swimming pool based activities
  • Judo/self-defence activity introduced
  • First Duke of Edinburgh awards achieved including Gold
1979 Loch Lomond
  • Water-skiing; Pony trekking; Rock climbing; Obstacle course
  • Chlorination of loch water started
1980 Loch Lomond
  • 2 water-skiing boats
1981 Loch Lomond
  • Parascending activity introduced
  • Ben Nevis climbed
1982 Loch Lomond
  • Police dog display team
1983 Loch Lomond
  • Serious accident to camper on road cycling activity led to new focus on safety
1984 Loch Lomond
  • Mains electricity to the site
  • Heat wave and sunburn a problem
1985 Loch Lomond
  • “The year of the mud”
  • Mud skiing behind tractor
  • Flooding in the main marquee
  • First mountain biking and trampolining activities
  • Purchase of ex mine rubber mats for walkways
1986 Loch Lomond
  • Wooden floor in main marquee for the first time
  • Sir Rannulph Fiennes gives presentation to campers
  • First ‘Summer Times’ published on camp
1987 Loch Lomond
  • Acquisition and construction of barn
  • Boys dorms climbed Ben Nevis
1988 Loch Lomond
  • Force 10 gale hit beginning of camp – 100 mph winds, all dorm marquees collapsed
  • Final year of green kitchen shed
1989 Loch Lomond
  • New sailing jetty
  • Boys dorms overnight trip on Ben Lomond; girls dorms rock-climbing at The Whangie
  • Barn operational with kitchen, laundry, wash up areas
  • Visit of pipe band
  • First year laundry was done for campers
1990 Loch Lomond
  • Case of meningitis in a camper led to 3 day quarantine of whole camp
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award programme
  • Sabre fencing taught
  • Girls dorms overnight trip on Ben Lomond
  • Walk-in fridge installed
1991 Loch Lomond
  • Severe storm – sailing and canoe emergency rescue
  • SEP became registered sailing school
  • ‘Summer Times’ published on camp
  • Archery champion display
  • Last year of constructed water towers
1992 Loch Lomond
  • 25th anniversary celebrated; 327 campers and 201 staff
  • New 5,000 gallon water tank installed
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award programme
1993 Loch Lomond
  • Andrew & Dana Silcox appointed SEP Directors
1994 Loch Lomond
  • Camp reduced to two weeks due to reduced staffing availability
1995 Loch Lomond
  • Heat wave
1996 Loch Lomond
  • Photo disc provided to all campers
1997 Loch Lomond That must have been an uneventful year! If you can think of something noteworthy to add in here, please email admin@sepuk.org with SEP 1997 in the subject header.
1998 Loch Lomond That must have been an uneventful year! If you can think of something noteworthy to add in here, please email admin@sepuk.org with SEP 1998 in the subject header.
1999 Loch Lomond
  • New shower blocks constructed
  • New mountain bikes purchased
  • Whisky tour fundraiser for SEP
2000 Loch Lomond
  • SEP reunion attended by over 150 ex-campers and staff
  • Gordon & Victoria Wilson appointed SEP Directors
2001 Loch Lomond That must have been an uneventful year! If you can think of something noteworthy to add in here, please email admin@sepuk.org with SEP 2001 in the subject header.
2002 Loch Lomond
  • First air ambulance visit to site
  • ‘Storm trench’ dug to take flooding away from main marquee
2003 Loch Lomond
  • First formal child protection checks for staff
2004 Loch Lomond
  • Outreach project: 10 campers, 5 mini-campers and 4 staff attended SEP from a children’s home in Botosani, Romania
2005 Loch Lomond
  • Surprise film night masquerading as a security breach
  • Severe stomach virus affected camp in 2nd week spreading in from local area
2006 Loch Lomond
  • Inflatables and sumo suits for special activity
2007 Loch Lomond
  • New SEP logo
  • New shower blocks purchased, no construction
  • Adventure activities license obtained
  • Land Rover acquired
2008 Loch Lomond
  • First clearspan marquee
  • Group of Portuguese campers and staff attended
  • New tables and catering equipment for marquee – no more trestles
2009 Loch Lomond
  • Visit from RAF Search & Rescue helicopter
2010 Loch Lomond
  • Zorbing activity on last day
  • Radio station broadcasts for 24 hours
2011 Loch Lomond
  • New SEP website and Facebook pages launched
  • First community outreach project: trainee staff made improvements to grounds of local school
2012 Loch Lomond
  • Olympic themed final banquet and visit of one of the London 2012 Olympic torches
  • Final large static caravans decommissioned
2013 Loch Lomond
  • Outreach to groups of campers from Wiltshire and Glasgow
  • SEP ‘Highland Games’
2014 Loch Lomond
  • Staff group from US refused entry to UK but visited camp overnight (foam darts).
  • Inflatables games on a wet afternoon
2015 Loch Lomond
  • The odd dry day but plenty of liquid sunshine at the Costa del Lomond, perfect weather for trench digging and not forgetting a Caribbean cruise!