SEP UK is a two-week summer activity camp for young people aged 12-17. We offer a range of approximately 20 activities and welcome young people of all denominations and none.

Whether a first-time visitor or regular attendee we hope this site provides you with all the information you need.

30th July - 12th August 2017

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Latest news from Twitter

  • I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/z7x9d207aP 20th August 2017 @ 10:36:35
  • Well take down is all but over. Only the showers to be moved from the field and some of the main marquee to be... https://t.co/gFyYWK3bqc 18th August 2017 @ 11:53:16
  • Take down progressing well despite the bad weather. Fantastic work by the crew up there, getting everything... https://t.co/ZPchdkfvU1 15th August 2017 @ 07:32:22
  • Can we ask for prayers for an improvement in the weather to allow the tents and shower units to be removed from... https://t.co/pytDrcDPqm 14th August 2017 @ 12:09:41
  • SEP 2017 day 13 (Saturday). It's the last day and feels like it. A late breakfast went down a treat. We then... https://t.co/q0Y8Z8yN4V 12th August 2017 @ 10:56:05
  • SEP 2017 day 12 (Friday). A day which is bookended by excitement and a little sadness; excitement because it's... https://t.co/Fph8jV1YYm 12th August 2017 @ 10:53:30
  • SEP 2017 day 11 (Thursday). Well camp is beginning to see the end of activities. Mountain biking had their last... https://t.co/J1XLnmGhyq 11th August 2017 @ 10:09:29
  • Sep 2017 day 9 (Tuesday). Another cracker of a day. Shining sun throughout the day and this place, always... https://t.co/t03eDm3kQy 08th August 2017 @ 09:57:21
  • Our sunset right now! https://t.co/Pnz4ghMUKm 08th August 2017 @ 09:19:27
  • SEP 2017 day 8 (Monday). We continue to now be blessed with great weather and great health. All activities had a... https://t.co/2GaE2gOquw 08th August 2017 @ 11:55:53
  • SEP 2017 day 6 Saturday. What an amazing day we have had today. A much needed lie in was had followed by brunch.... https://t.co/lakAH3Kjv5 05th August 2017 @ 11:16:14
  • GOOD NEWS We have been given the all clear to have visitors at camp on Sunday. Everyone who had a ticket for... https://t.co/atroz9G4SG 05th August 2017 @ 06:59:44
  • SEP 2017 day 5 (Friday). The day started mostly dry and windy, but gradually got better and better with many... https://t.co/12njW3CAhK 05th August 2017 @ 06:52:13
  • SEP 2017 day 4 (Thursday). This day, which started with heavy rain, quickly morphed into something completely... https://t.co/fAYLAilNbC 03rd August 2017 @ 10:20:37
  • SEP 2017 day 2 (Tuesday). A wonderful day full of all sorts of weather. All activities in full swing now.... https://t.co/9U0ktCOebC 01st August 2017 @ 11:57:55
  • SEP 2017. Ok, no scorchio so far on day 1, but between rainy spots we had nice warm sunshine. Campers had dorms... https://t.co/6d200yhOOF 31st July 2017 @ 10:36:12
  • The penultimate day of Sep uk setup. I am knackered and I think the rest of the crew feel the same. It's been a... https://t.co/FIVLdivt6O 28th July 2017 @ 09:02:26
  • Day 13 of sep uk setup. Well the run of good weather couldn't last forever. It has been a very very very wet day... https://t.co/S7tsXsEgaW 26th July 2017 @ 09:30:14
  • If you are wondering what SEP is like then have a little look at this.......a few years old now so not entirely... https://t.co/8d65OGSTKj 26th July 2017 @ 12:02:39
  • Sep setup day 12. Yet another busy day for all. A few new arrivals today in my daughter erin, the gunning girls,... https://t.co/zfKvnFJWaI 25th July 2017 @ 11:00:19